Website Administration

Purple Sheep Design Website Administration

We now offer full website administration and maintenance. We live in ever changing times when it comes to websites. Not having your finger on the pulse of your website and keeping track of things can lead to virus’s due to out of date plugins or scripts. Downtime of a website due to this can be avoided. We live in busy times and understand completing  these checks and updates yourself can be very time consuming so why not let us do it for you!

Basic text updates and page additions £5 per update

Structural and layout updates £15 per update (depending on size of job)

We also offer a website management package which includes;

  • Website updates on request
  • Plugin updates
  • Regular site maintenance including checking for bugs and updating any scripts
  • Virus scanning
  • Website backups and restoration
Structural and  layout updates will be quoted upon request.

The above website management package is priced at £30 per month or £200 per year.

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* We aim to complete all updates within 48 hours.