Stuart The Sheep

Hi I’m Stuart the purple sheep! I represent Purple Sheep Designs. You may be confused at this point and asking why a sheep? and more importantly why a purple sheep? well I say, WHY NOT!

The design and print industry has became so over crowded over the last few years, I felt as though I couldn’t stand out as a normal sheep in the flock so I took the drastic decision to go purple! My friends here at Purple Sheep designs loved me so much they took me on as their mascot and chief of any of those sheepy related issues every business comes across at some point!

Anyway less about me, let me tell you a bit about the guys at Purple Sheep Design, they offer fantastic deals on design and print, whether your restaurant needs a new look menu, your business needs some flyers printing for some exposure or even if you’re ¬†needing a fully branded website they can offer it all at a fantastic price!

Feel free to browse the website for examples of their work or if you have any questions simply get in touch!

stuart the sheep